Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ryloth Planet Mod


Welcome to the Ryloth Planet Mod blog, for Knights of the Old Republic 1. This will add modules, a new sith, a battle, merchant, custom loadscreens, and more. More details will be released when construction starts since I'm in planning stages right now, and will be helping with another planet mod by LordofHunger(Anoth Planet). Once I get everything else ready I will create a thread at lucasforums for discussion. I'm going to need some help most with some custom skins including a dark side skin of a Jedi on Dantoonie and some module reskins. Also once I get some screenshots up soon so expect some things. I will have plenty of time to work on the since its christmas break. Wish me luck!


  1. So, is production still in progress?

  2. You need to finish this and put it on KOTORfilefront site so it's not lost like 90% of the idiots who used PCGamersMOD site.