Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finishing up Module 1

I've done alot of work on Module 1. First of all the bug with the exchange armor is fixed and now they are wearing some badass armor! I've also added alot of NPC's:(18 total)

2 Merchats
1 Pazaak Player
1 Major Side Quest Character
2 Exchage
5 War Droids
2 Sith Soliders
1 Rodian
3 Twileks
1 Bartender
18 Total

Tomorrow I will add some citizens who just walk around, add the Twi'lek Rebels, tweak up some stuff,  then I'll be finished with the first module!

When I finish that stuff tomorrow I will make a vid of the first module, upload it, then make my WIP thread at Lucasforum's Holowan.

PS: Actually even though I said tomorrow, now that I look at the clock, I'm doing the above today. Its: 2am

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