Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apartment Reset

Bad News: The Jedi Apartment production has been reset.
Good News: Marius Fett is working on a BRAND NEW(not reskined) Module for the Jedi Apartment. I'll get a screen up when he is done =).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Character Reskins

I got darth-me doing me some good reskins once I get them in game Ill let you see them!

Bar Fight!

Finally got the Bar Script Working! Now you can have a nice drunk fight in the cantina! Cheers!

Also thanks to Stoffe for getting that strait. Now I'm going to check with Redhawke for help with the glaxay map.

Module Reskins

Alright New Pics of the great reskins by: LordRevan999 he is doing great! Just use link below.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cantina Progress

Cantina Nearing Completion. 25 npcs done out of say 40? Theres even going to be a bar fight =) Hope yall like it. Some new screenshots at lucasforums's holowan lab

Saturday, December 20, 2008


More Good News! Ive decided to use the taris dueling ring in my mod! That means more duels! They will be harder then the ones before though! So get ready.

Good News, Bad News, and a Warning

Good News! I finished another module! With a nice battle.

Bad News! Im tired *yawns*

and finally

Warning: Always expect a trap in a game, even if a npc tells you its safe, be sure to bring armbands, compainions, strong weapon, and a good strength level.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I slacked some today and lost alot of precious time, by now I should be done by module 4, but again I slacked and only finished 3.

Module 1- Done, but might add a few npc's to make feel alive, also missing major character dialogs as I want to get the module's ready before I make major dialogs.

Module 2- Done- Small only 1 npc at the moment(because it is a home) also missing dialog for same as above.

Module 3- Completly Done(i think) It is a Merchant Center of multiple merchants with their dialog done

As its 2am I'm going to bed :)

Also this mod has joined with Team Hssiss. They will help me with bugs, reskins, and maybe some new items!!

Progress Report

Finished my 2nd module.

Right now im getting the NPC's walking(in module 1) adding some more to make the place feel more "Alive" then I will start on number 3, which is small so I'll probably finish tonight. Then I'll do another small finish tonight. Then after that well see yet to decide, cant look to far ahead.

Working I am

Alright Instead of doing my 2nd module which is pretty big, I decided to get the smaller ones done. So I did another very small module, that is the jedi's hide out. I am almost done with it. Then I am going to do another small module, then a medium, then a big, then a big. After all that I will do the last set of modules.

Mysteries of News

Good News, Bad News, and Other News:

Good News is I finished the Twi'lek rebels and added Ufag the forcaste. And am now starting on next module.

Bad News: I've yet to add walking NPC

Other News: New Flash Website in Production!!!

The End

Once I get the NPC's added in ifirst module a vid and WIP thread(at LF) will be made.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finishing up Module 1

I've done alot of work on Module 1. First of all the bug with the exchange armor is fixed and now they are wearing some badass armor! I've also added alot of NPC's:(18 total)

2 Merchats
1 Pazaak Player
1 Major Side Quest Character
2 Exchage
5 War Droids
2 Sith Soliders
1 Rodian
3 Twileks
1 Bartender
18 Total

Tomorrow I will add some citizens who just walk around, add the Twi'lek Rebels, tweak up some stuff,  then I'll be finished with the first module!

When I finish that stuff tomorrow I will make a vid of the first module, upload it, then make my WIP thread at Lucasforum's Holowan.

PS: Actually even though I said tomorrow, now that I look at the clock, I'm doing the above today. Its: 2am

Futher work on Module Number 1

Got the exchage company 2nd in command done(and advisor) done in module number 1. 1 bug: there bad ass armor and weapons arnt showing but im going to fix that. 

they are in a side quest Exchange Vs Twi'lek Rebels: Basicly the exchange is in control of most the planet and the twi'leks are tierd of it, so they rebel. However they do not know who the leader is, only 2nd in command.

Lightside way: Join Twi'leks in rebellion

Dark Side: Join Exchange in killing the rebels

The exchage will have many more men and war droids too

Next: Finishing the cantina!

My first Pics

Pics of first NPC:

Also I have finished 2 jedi characters, who are either on your side, or they are going to to be against you.  (Dark Side Option) The main sith will be the same, against or for.

More coming soon!

Bout to start getting the next module ready, which will have the jedi spawned.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Module: Got MOD File 1/2

The First module(landing pad) is half done. I put the module together with KOTOR tool, then added my first character. However I have not reached him yet as, I have a locked door in my way that can only be opened with a script, as its a port door. And as only 1 npc is in the module no one is there to open the door, so I have to make a new Port guy.

Meanwhile, I am adding the planet to the galaxy map, but am having trouble compiling the script.

Both these problems will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. Also I might have found some one to make me the sith character's appearence. Well See if he accepts. 

Now I'm going to go make the planet icon then going to bed its: 11:46pm

EDIT: Icon Done at 1:28am

First Update-Loadscreen

Ok, since it is my favorite mod type thing to do(besides dialog) the first thing I made officially for Ryloth(I made a character before I decided it was going to be the sith in this mod) was the first loadscreen you see when landing on the planet.

Ryloth Planet Mod


Welcome to the Ryloth Planet Mod blog, for Knights of the Old Republic 1. This will add modules, a new sith, a battle, merchant, custom loadscreens, and more. More details will be released when construction starts since I'm in planning stages right now, and will be helping with another planet mod by LordofHunger(Anoth Planet). Once I get everything else ready I will create a thread at lucasforums for discussion. I'm going to need some help most with some custom skins including a dark side skin of a Jedi on Dantoonie and some module reskins. Also once I get some screenshots up soon so expect some things. I will have plenty of time to work on the since its christmas break. Wish me luck!