Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Module: Got MOD File 1/2

The First module(landing pad) is half done. I put the module together with KOTOR tool, then added my first character. However I have not reached him yet as, I have a locked door in my way that can only be opened with a script, as its a port door. And as only 1 npc is in the module no one is there to open the door, so I have to make a new Port guy.

Meanwhile, I am adding the planet to the galaxy map, but am having trouble compiling the script.

Both these problems will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. Also I might have found some one to make me the sith character's appearence. Well See if he accepts. 

Now I'm going to go make the planet icon then going to bed its: 11:46pm

EDIT: Icon Done at 1:28am

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